Artwork done. It can only mean one thing: final tracklist ready.
It's just one of those tough situations where it's mathematically impossible to please all of the people all of the time, but I think we'll manage to please most drugsters, band included, most of the time.
It was really good to get feedback from the fans: it pushed a couple of tracks into the list, songs I wasn't even thinking about.
Inevitably, a couple of favourites were not included, either because myself, Daron or Mike were tired of it, or we felt it didn't quite fit into the album mood.
Most bands would just lazily put the songs together, or worse still: have the label come up with the compilation. Not us.
We hope our 'Best of' will turn out to be a really good listening album, that will stand pretty on its own drunken feet.
Next week: edits + hobosville secret trak.