The tales of El President
Something for the weekend, while we wait for our album delivery > 
Stories, tribute and tribulations on the long and winding El President road.
A new video edit, an acoustic version, cool sources and a whole lot more.
To my ears, the track sound as good today as the day it was mixed and its story still makes my heart skip a beat.
It's all here > http://drugstore-el-president.blogspot.co.uk/


* The Best of Drugstore * Pre-order
Album is now available to pre-order! 
You can get it straight from Cherry Red Records (always a nice thing to do: support the label that has supported us) > 
or from the Rough Trade shop >  
It's being manufactured in France, and we're eagerly awaiting 1st shipment delivery.
Hard not to feel a little emotional about it - there's a lot of good stuff here:
our lives.


It's now in the label's hand - we've gone into production.
There's a real sense of achievement at having made something that once wasn't there.
I just pray I haven't messed up too much on the credits or song order - but this nagging feeling tells me I probably have, and that our fans will like the final traklist and artwork.
I still have a lot of stuff to put together for the release, and can just about see the September Madame Jojo's gig looming on the horizon.
Like a firefly, moving towards us.


See you in September
'Best of' beast will be released on Mon 9th of September.
Nice date, huh?
but I guess I'm biased: it's on miss Ms' birthday!


London gig - album launch - thu 5th Sept @ Madame Jojo's
A super special venue for a very special evening.
Let's ditch the saintly rosary beads and dig out the feather boas, the glitter within and celebrate the release of  Le Best of album. 
God, although non-existent, knows we all deserve a little party and give ourselves another shot of the ultimate high: 
to be, once again, completely lost in music.

  Tickets available here>


Ready for Master + extra track
All tracks ready to master.
A few surprises and a couple of nice touches were gently added to final pack.
The 'secret track', which by now is as secretive as my erratic love-life came out real nice, in a shambolic sort of way, but it captures a little of Drugstore's life-loving spirit:  you got to say hello, right?
It's been quite an emo-journey going through all this stuff, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how well the songs sit together, and how fresh everything still sounds.
This record could have easily been recorded a month ago - I guess, in the long run, it really paid-off not to be too wrapped-up in everybody else's music or 'sounds of the moment'.
Daron once said to me: 'Isabel, some of your songs sound like they were written in a pre-rock age,  like in 1910 or something'.
I guess that's not altogether a bad thing.
Here's a lo-fi micro-preview of  'I know I could', special version for the 'Best of'.


Artwork done. It can only mean one thing: final tracklist ready.
It's just one of those tough situations where it's mathematically impossible to please all of the people all of the time, but I think we'll manage to please most drugsters, band included, most of the time.
It was really good to get feedback from the fans: it pushed a couple of tracks into the list, songs I wasn't even thinking about.
Inevitably, a couple of favourites were not included, either because myself, Daron or Mike were tired of it, or we felt it didn't quite fit into the album mood.
Most bands would just lazily put the songs together, or worse still: have the label come up with the compilation. Not us.
We hope our 'Best of' will turn out to be a really good listening album, that will stand pretty on its own drunken feet.
Next week: edits + hobosville secret trak.



Best of CMYK baby
Got started on artwork.
Have nice idea for booklet > insider tales of how the albums were recorded.
The tears, the laughters,  the craze scenes and smashed guitars, but above all, the deep emotional bond that strings our music together.
It's gonna be pretty, it's gonna be blue.
Thanks everyone who's already sent your song suggestions in, we haven't decided on final tracklist list yet, so you still have time to shout out your favourites here >


Computer maelstrom - Easter redemption
3 weeks, 3 computers and 3 operating systems later, I've finally got our digital world back to life.
Sometimes it's good to get a clean slate: we all need that from time to time.
'Best of' > already received a whole load of emails w/ song suggestions - keep'em coming.
It's kinda nice to be reminded of stuff we've forgotten about and to see the massive variety and different preferences, although a few songs keep popping up again and again.
This week > got a band calendar roughly sorted out, so we all know when people are away on their hols and when band might be available for a few dates in the summer.
It's Easter > grateful we're still alive, website is working, new PC behaving ok and a few extra chocolates in the drugstore cupboard. 
bless you, plastik jezus.


'Best of' album is coming
Last week signed deal with CherryRed Records for the release of our 'Best of' - it is a proper privilege to be able to do this.
Which songs, but which songs, I hear you cry.  (sweet baby jesus, I foresee tantrums ahead).
I've contacted Daron and Mike awhile ago, and both are as delighted and excited as I am - and we've already exchanged over 50 emails discussing possible album tracks and suggestions - like an international conclave of Drugstore pontificies, having the wonderful opportunity to pick and choose our favourites.
We seem to like a lot of our own stuff - (that's a bit shameful, isn't it?), but inevitably a bunch of songs are gonna need to be mercilessly chopped out of the Best of party, as triple album defo NOT in the contract.
And to add to the wonderful melting pot of confusion, we also want feedback from our fans - so, just let us know which songs you really want to see included:
News Blog
I'll be updating this blog on a weekly basis, as it's a quicker way to keep the news rolling, rather than via the website -
Will be nice to follow progress on the 'Best of' - how it all comes together, how I inevitably will mess up the artwork deadline and so forth.
The 'anatomy' blog will live on, but reserved only for longer entries (with lots of words) - encompassing a wider subject range.
This blog: strictly band stuff only.
2013 shaping up nicely.