London gig - album launch - thu 5th Sept @ Madame Jojo's
A super special venue for a very special evening.
Let's ditch the saintly rosary beads and dig out the feather boas, the glitter within and celebrate the release of  Le Best of album. 
God, although non-existent, knows we all deserve a little party and give ourselves another shot of the ultimate high: 
to be, once again, completely lost in music.

  Tickets available here>


Ready for Master + extra track
All tracks ready to master.
A few surprises and a couple of nice touches were gently added to final pack.
The 'secret track', which by now is as secretive as my erratic love-life came out real nice, in a shambolic sort of way, but it captures a little of Drugstore's life-loving spirit:  you got to say hello, right?
It's been quite an emo-journey going through all this stuff, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how well the songs sit together, and how fresh everything still sounds.
This record could have easily been recorded a month ago - I guess, in the long run, it really paid-off not to be too wrapped-up in everybody else's music or 'sounds of the moment'.
Daron once said to me: 'Isabel, some of your songs sound like they were written in a pre-rock age,  like in 1910 or something'.
I guess that's not altogether a bad thing.
Here's a lo-fi micro-preview of  'I know I could', special version for the 'Best of'.


Artwork done. It can only mean one thing: final tracklist ready.
It's just one of those tough situations where it's mathematically impossible to please all of the people all of the time, but I think we'll manage to please most drugsters, band included, most of the time.
It was really good to get feedback from the fans: it pushed a couple of tracks into the list, songs I wasn't even thinking about.
Inevitably, a couple of favourites were not included, either because myself, Daron or Mike were tired of it, or we felt it didn't quite fit into the album mood.
Most bands would just lazily put the songs together, or worse still: have the label come up with the compilation. Not us.
We hope our 'Best of' will turn out to be a really good listening album, that will stand pretty on its own drunken feet.
Next week: edits + hobosville secret trak.