Ready for Master + extra track
All tracks ready to master.
A few surprises and a couple of nice touches were gently added to final pack.
The 'secret track', which by now is as secretive as my erratic love-life came out real nice, in a shambolic sort of way, but it captures a little of Drugstore's life-loving spirit:  you got to say hello, right?
It's been quite an emo-journey going through all this stuff, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how well the songs sit together, and how fresh everything still sounds.
This record could have easily been recorded a month ago - I guess, in the long run, it really paid-off not to be too wrapped-up in everybody else's music or 'sounds of the moment'.
Daron once said to me: 'Isabel, some of your songs sound like they were written in a pre-rock age,  like in 1910 or something'.
I guess that's not altogether a bad thing.
Here's a lo-fi micro-preview of  'I know I could', special version for the 'Best of'.