'Best of' album is coming
Last week signed deal with CherryRed Records for the release of our 'Best of' - it is a proper privilege to be able to do this.
Which songs, but which songs, I hear you cry.  (sweet baby jesus, I foresee tantrums ahead).
I've contacted Daron and Mike awhile ago, and both are as delighted and excited as I am - and we've already exchanged over 50 emails discussing possible album tracks and suggestions - like an international conclave of Drugstore pontificies, having the wonderful opportunity to pick and choose our favourites.
We seem to like a lot of our own stuff - (that's a bit shameful, isn't it?), but inevitably a bunch of songs are gonna need to be mercilessly chopped out of the Best of party, as triple album defo NOT in the contract.
And to add to the wonderful melting pot of confusion, we also want feedback from our fans - so, just let us know which songs you really want to see included:
News Blog
I'll be updating this blog on a weekly basis, as it's a quicker way to keep the news rolling, rather than via the website -
Will be nice to follow progress on the 'Best of' - how it all comes together, how I inevitably will mess up the artwork deadline and so forth.
The 'anatomy' blog will live on, but reserved only for longer entries (with lots of words) - encompassing a wider subject range.
This blog: strictly band stuff only.
2013 shaping up nicely.